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Fix unknown caller name in acr

fix unknown caller name in acr

Fix unknown caller name in acr

I am going to write about how to fix unknown caller name in acr and other call recorder applications for android after Google has denied phone number access permission for all call recording apps.

we are receiving lots of requests about it from our customers, they are facing unknown caller name problem from few months.

Full Working ACR Call Recording App

This is Google’s policy and only applies to the Google Play store. they are going to release a fully functional version of ACR called “ACR Unchained” on other app stores such as Huawei and Samsung and keep required permissions for accessing phone numbers during the call.

Unfortunately, Google Play Store policy prevents them from providing direct apk downloads from their website.

How to fix unknown caller name in ACR?

Because Google has full control of Google Play and Android security is being improved day by day. Google not going to allow these apps to access phone numbers during calls so call recording apps developers are bound to follow Google’s policy if they need to be in Google Play. but i have a solution for an unknown caller name for you today.

How does it work?

As we all know that android apps developers must follow to google policies and keep apps updated as per policy changed to comply with new Google policies. that’s why we facing fix unknown caller name in acr, but in this case, we know that the previous versions application was working well.

So we can find old version of the call recorder app or any other app before the current version which is not working for us due to some changes in application.

Android apps developers can’t leave the Google Play store because this effect directly their earning from Android applications. Let suppose someone made the best application and selling directly from their website, will this work for them.

no this will end up with failure because 99% of people prefer using free applications including me.

So developers earning are totally depends on Google Adsense ads, so they are publishing apps on Google Play to get maximum downloads for their apps.

Installing a working version of the call recorder app

So we are also going to install old version of ACR apk to fix the unknown caller name problem due to changes in the new version of the ACR apk. Before we move forward we must have downloaded the old version of ACR application. if you still have not downloaded the application.

Full working ACR Application: ACR-com.nll.acr-300-v30.0.apk

Installing an Android application is not a big deal but some people still don’t know about the Android application installation process. we can install apps on an Android device via two methods. this first one is via copying apk file to internal memory and second one is via adb command.

[wpsm_update ” label=” Update”]Now we have a fixed version is available with the latest version on Galaxy Store, so you can download the fixed unknow caller name ACR app directly from Samsung Galaxy Store on your Samsung phones.[/wpsm_update]

1- Installing Android app from phone memory

  • Open File manager or My files app
  • Locate apk file which you wish to install
  • Tap on apk file and you will have install option or open with package installer
  • Select install and press OK
  • You will be redirected to the permission screen to allow install apps from an unknown source
  • Allow install apps from an unknown source and press ok
  • Apk file installation process will be started if still not you should go back and click on install button again to start the android app installation process.
  • You will have Done! message on the screen in few seconds.

2- Installing Android app via adb command

Installing Android apps via ADB command is also not very hard to understand. but it is a little complicated against installing android apps from internal memory or memory card. You can read installing android apps via ADB commands for more.

How to install android apps via adb command (video tutorial in Urdu)

If you still have any problem or question in your mind you can write in comments to get answered, follow us for more!