What is difference between service manual and schematic diagram

What is difference between service manual and schematic diagram

If you looking to be a good electronics technician, you should know about What is difference between service manual and schematic diagram.

Schematic diagrams

Schematic diagrams are our map to design and troubleshoot electronics circuits. Understanding how to read a mobile phone schematic diagram is most important thing for any cellphone technician.

A schematic, or mobile phone schematic diagram, is a representation of the elements of a system using graphic symbols rather than real pictures. A schematic usually not include all details that are not relevant to the information the schematic is intended to convey, and may add unrealistic elements that help to understand.

In electrical and electronic industry, a schematic diagram is often used to describe the design of equipment. Schematic diagrams are often used for the maintenance and repair of electronic and electromechanical systems. So cellphone manufacturers also providing a service manual or schematic diagrams of cellphone to their authorized service centers and persons. To read and understand a cellphone schematic diagram we must have some knowledge about basic electronics like resistors, capacitors, transistors, integrated circuits etc.

Basic resistor with resistor symbol

Basic resistor with resistor symbol

Service manuals

(SM) Service manual are the manuals provided by manufacturers which cover the servicing, maintenance and repair of their products. They were not originally offered to the public as they were developed for the dealers so that their mechanics were able to fix their own products.

What is difference between service manual and schematic diagram

Both service manuals and schematic diagrams are being used for servicing, maintenance and repair electronics products. Schematics diagrams having detailed information about almost every component in a electronics device and service manuals are being provided for troubleshooting about electronics device.

In other word we can say that service manuals providing less information rather then schematic diagrams but easy to understand. People who can not read and understand schematics diagrams can understand service manuals easily. Anyway you have have some electronics knowledge to understand electronics.

How I learned about schematic diagrams?
I am working as a cellphone technician from 2006 when Nokia was on top in mobile phone manufacturers. I learned schematics diagrams reading from my father and his books about television and radio repair. I was familiar with basic components when i was studding in middle class. Learned everything about cellphone repair from internet. because my father was not familiar with computer and mobile phone.

You can also learn about smartphone repair, schematics diagrams and service manuals easily, by following me. Subscribing my YouTube channel, subscribe via email on this website, my facebook page.

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