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  • Echo sound during phone calls ?
  • Caller hears his voice during calls ?
  • Echo effect during calls but works on ??
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The echo sound problem during phone calls is a rear problem but it happens sometimes and most of the technicians can’t fix the echo sound problem in a smartphone because it’s rear problem, not a common mobile phone.

Recently I faced Vivo S1 pro with an echo sound problem, I noticed that was a common problem in Vivo S1 Pro, every Vivo S1 Pro user may be facing an echo sound problem on their phone.

During writing this page and more study on echo sound problem in the mobile phone I found a user on xda developers forum with the same problem, I read every word of his problem written a quote below for reference purposes for you to understand your problem If your phone you also checked all things and your phone behaving via the same way we are here to fix it.


The Problem
Caller hears his voice, echo effect.
Check with GSM provider and the problem is from my phone they also reset my line.
Did not believe my provider and check with a SIM of another provider but the same problem.
Walk around my town the same problem if i make a call or someone calls me he hears his voice.

Do hard reset :crying: but the same problem.

On Settings -> Sound and Notification -> Sound Enchancement ->all to off, or no result if on or off .
and at More -> Mobile networks -> Enchanced 4G LTE Mode on or off has no result the problem is the same,
also same problem if i use 3G or 4G network for my connection at the GSM provider.

If i use a pair of headphones the problem is much more better, caller does not hear his voice, almost nothing of echo.
Using loudspeaker of the phone is like using headphones the same results, caller does not hear his voice, almost nothing of echo.
Found that when i push the headphones out in order to continue speaking with phone’s mic, echo starts to be enormous to the caller, especially if speaker power is to max.

Echo decreases when i push my speakers power to min, but still exist a liitle only echo to caller’s phone.
The problem full fixed only if i turn off-mute my mic when the caller is speaking but i can not mute and unmute mic when i want to talk! :(
Can someone help… any solution?

Echo sound problem during phone calls:

I have collected some key points for you to understand better, when echo sound appears and when the phone works well, because you may have already experienced that sometimes phone works but sometimes give echo sound problem. These points can help you to define your problem regarding the echo effect during calls, please check and mention it during order note or when our technician asks you.

  • Echo sound during phone calls
  • The caller hears his own voice
  • No Echo on loudspeaker
  • No Echo during using ?
  • Echo decreases on minimum earpiece volume
  • Sound Enhancement turned off but the same

If you are also disappointed like the person quoted above, We are here to help you to get your echo sound problem fixed, check out our other online and offline mobile phone repair services.

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Note: Please don’t be confused it can’t be fixed remotely, you must send your device to our provided address to get it fixed if the told methods doesn’t work, if you still have any questions please feel free to ask us via WhatsApp, or via the contact form on our contact us page.

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