Android phone keeps restarting

Android phone keeps restarting – How to Fix?

If you are facing a restart problem on your smartphone and searching for a quick fix for the Android phone that keeps restarting, this article is being written for you first, read this article till the end, and then try the steps to fix the automatic restarting problem in Android phone.

Fix Restart problem in Android without data loss?

In case you have very important data in your mobile phone and your mobile phone started boot loop (restart itself) problem and you want to save your personal data on your mobile phone, you’re suggested to avail of data recovery service for non-working mobile phones because your personal data may be deleted/wiped due to any of your mistake.

Anyway, if you are a mobile technician or if you have some experience in fixing mobile phone problems, here are some tips you can use and fix restart problems in android mobile without losing your personal data.

  • Connect a charger if your mobile start working then make a backup of your smartphone and keep it in a safe place like online storage or on a memory card. (Don’t connect the charger if your mobile device is liquid damaged).
  • Safe Mode can also help you to access your mobile phone if the phone has a software glitch or malicious app being caused by the android mobile keeps restarting itself automatically or shutdown.
  • Removing Memory Card can also help you to survive your mobile device if the card is damaged and the mobile device started a boot loop due to a damaged memory card.

Why does my phone keep restarting itself?

It’s very important to determine the real cause of your mobile phone restarting problem so that you can figure out which solution is most likely to work for you.

There are a few different issues that can cause your phone to keep restarting by itself.

Restart problem in a mobile phone due to software

A smartphone phone can face restarting problems due to a software glitch. These kinds of problems are less & easily identifiable, but here are a few of the most common ones:

  • An outdated operating system
  • A malicious app
  • Conflicting apps
  • Corrupted cached data
  • A lack of storage space

How to fix Restart problem caused by a software glitch?

Even if you have determined why your phone keeps restarting, here are some strategies you can try to fix restart problem on a smartphone

Operating system

Sometimes an older iOS or Android operating system can cause a reboot itself problem I the mobile devices.

If you are able to use your smartphone between reboots, try to see if your OS is up to date. If not, try installing the latest software updates the way to update depends on your mobile phone brands and their official update methods. In addition to providing you with new features and protection from the latest security threats, it can solve the problem well.

You must know the difference between an update and a fresh software install, your personal data may be wiped by any of your mistakes.

  • iOS devices can be updated via iTunes
  • Samsung devices can be updated via Odin
  • Huawei devices can be updated from the recovery menu
  • Some devices can be updated via fast boot mode
  • Oppo mobile phone can be updated from the recovery mode

Malicious or Conflicting apps

A malicious application also can be a cause of restart problem on a mobile phone, A non-compatible, corrupted, or outdated mobile app can be the cause of the restart problem in a smartphone. We can get rid of the by entering the mobile device in the safe mode.

How to enter Android in the safe mode?

We can easily enter any mobile device into safe mode by turning it on while holding the volume down button on most devices. If you were unable to enter into safe mode just write your phone model and google for the safe mode method for your device.

(Example: Samsung Galaxy A32 Safe mode)

  • Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy A32
  • Press and Hold Power Button until you feel the vibration.
  • Release the Power button and hold Volume Down Key.
  • Hold Volume Down Key until you see Safe mode on screen.
  • Release the Volume Down key and unlock your Samsung Galaxy.

Corrupted Cached data

The restart problem can be also appeared due to the corrupted cached data on the smart devices, during using the mobile phone on the internet we download lots of temporary data via the apps we used called cached data. Some apps keep the cached data for a specific period to access the cached data for later use.

Due to any reason if the cached data got corrupted then the app may start crashing on the opening of the app or on the startup of the device because some apps are being loaded during the startup process of the device.

We can easily clear cached data via different methods, but the most common method for android mobile phones is the recovery mode. We will enter into the recovery mode via the buttons combinations of mobile devices.

Samsung Galaxy we can enter into recovery on a Samsung Galaxy by holding volume up and power on the Galaxy, in some new galaxy phones we can enter into recovery by connecting it to the computer via USB cable in powered off condition while holding down volume up. you can also use the Samsung secret code to wipe cache or factory reset


How to enter Samsung Galaxy into recovery mode.

Method 1 (Old Galaxy Phones)

  • Power off your Samsung Galaxy
  • Press and hold the volume up & Home button then press the Power button
  • Release the power button when you see the logo on the screen or just vibrate the device
  • Release all buttons when you see the recovery screen

Method 2 (Medium Galaxy phones)

  • Power off your Samsung Galaxy
  • Press and hold the volume up button and press the Power button
  • Release the power button when you see the logo on the screen or just vibrate the device

Method 3 (Latest Galaxy Phones)

  • Hold Volume Down and Power key for a few moments and tap on Power off
  • Then press and hold down the Volume Up + Power button for a short while
  • Release all held keys when Recovery Mode appears

How to enter Huawei into recovery mode

  • Power OFF your Huawei phone
  • Press and hold the Power + Volume Up button for a few seconds
  • Release the power button when you see the Huawei/Honor logo
  • Keep holding the volume up button until you see the recovery screen

How to enter Oppo into recovery mode

  • Turn off your Oppo phone
  • Press and hold volume down and press the power-on button
  • Release buttons when you see Recovery mode in the lower-left corner
  • Select language via volume and confirm via the power button or by touch
  • You are in the recovery mode on your Oppo phone

Too low Storage space

If your mobile device faces tool storage space then it may also cause an automatic restart problem on a smartphone, If your mobile phone allows you to access the storage via USB cable or via the file manager app then you should remove unnecessary files from your phone storage to extend the storage to enough space that is necessary to run the operating system.

If the phone is not able to turn on and not allowing you to access the internal storage then you have the factory reset option. The factory reset will wipe all of your data on the phone storage on most devices.

If you have any important data on your phone storage and you don’t want to remove/delete that you should hire a technician to keep your data safe in your non-working mobile device.

Restart problem in a Mobile Phone due to Hardware

Hardware also can be a cause of the restart problem in a smartphone As we have read above the restart problem in a mobile phone is due to software, We will also cover the possible reasons for a restart/auto shutdown problem in mobile due to hardware failure.

The most common hardware failure can be a cause of a restart/auto shutdown in a smartphone. We will move forward from simple to advance step by step.

  • The battery is too low
  • Battery faulty
  • Loose or dusty Battery connection
  • The power button is shorted
  • Liquid insertion
  • Open or short circuit somewhere
  • Display failure
  • Faulty Camera modules
  • Broken or faulty PCB/Sub PCBs
  • Damaged Faulty flat cables
  • Faulty PM IC
  • Faulty CPU
  • The power button is shorted

The battery is too low

When you consume the smartphone battery more than the required voltage to power on the mobile device then this may cause a restart problem in the mobile when you try to power on the smartphone without connecting the charger.

In some cases, we noticed this due to charging system failure, not enough voltage to activate the charging system or a faulty charging port.

The most recent phone I fixed with a restart problem was a Huawei Y9 (2019) the restart problem in it was due to too low battery because the phone charging port was damaged, The customer said He connected the phone to the charger and the battery was 15% at that time.

When He picked the phone kept restarting by itself even while connected to a wall charger, because the batter went too low and due to the charging port being damaged, the wall charger was unable to charge the phone battery, that’s why the phone tried to power on but due to not enough battery power that actually fails.

I charged the phone battery manually and then noticed that the phone was unable to charge because of the damaged charging port, I replaced the charging port and that’s done.

Faulty Battery

A faulty mobile phone battery also can be a cause of the restart/auto shut down the problem in a smartphone as I wrote above too low a battery can be a cause of the auto-restart problem.

In the above case, the battery power was not enough because of over consumed, but due to any reason if the phone battery were not able to provide enough power to the phone even it is fully charged, the restart or auto shut off the problem can be seen on the phone with a faulty battery.

Loose / Dusty Battery connection

The loose or dusty battery connection can be a cause f a restart/auto shutdown problem in a mobile phone same as the above cases, if you have a loosing in the battery connection, then enough power will not be provided by the battery to phone, the mobile phone may face sudden shutdown problem or a restart itself.

Power Button is shorted

The most common reason for the automatic restart problem in android phones appears due to the power button, sometimes the power button went short due to liquid insertion by the wet hands or a full dip of the device in the liquid.

To fix a restart problem caused by a shortage in the power button in an Android phone isn’t a very simple job for a normal smartphone user, you must have some already experience with smartphone disassembly and servicing, etc.

You must be sure that the restart problem in your smartphone is due to the shorting of the power button.

If you are already aware that your smartphone has an OLED, AMOLED, or Super AMOLED display you can use Falcon 530 contact cleaner spray to clear shorting in the power button on a smartphone, We have 30% chance that the power button of the smartphone starts working again.

Using the 530 contact cleaner is very simple, just spray and press the power button repeatedly for 1 to 5 minutes, If you are lucky then the power button will start working again.

Note: Be very careful if your phone has LCD/IPS display then probably you will have spots in the display after trying the 530 contact cleaner spray, batter disassemble the phone and separate the display.

Restart problem due to liquid insertion

Due to waterproof claims by some mobile phone companies, as a mobile phone technician, I have seen lots of cases where user dip their mobile phone in the water to test it but unfortunately, the mobile phones can’t be made 100% waterproof.

The mobile phone manufacturers wrote in their user manuals that you can dip the phone for 30 minutes or less under 1 meter or less deep water. It’s meant the mobile phone isn’t actually waterproof, but also water-resistant.

Anyway sometimes due to a non-officially serviced phone being dipped in the water or accidentally thrown in the liquid, the phone face restart itself problem.

The simplest way to fix this kind of phone, we must to disassemble the mobile phone to clean the phone, 530 contact cleaner can be very helpful in this case also.

Open / Short circuit somewhere

Open or a short circuit can also be a cause of the sudden shutdown or restart problem, sometimes the restart problem may occur due to a shortage somewhere it may be a capacitor, diode, integrated circuit, etc.

The open circuit somewhere in a smartphone can also be a cause of the restart fault, it may be due to a crack in the PCB, removing a component also make the open circuit and can cause the restarting fault in a mobile phone.

Display failure

The display failure also can be a cause of a restart/boot loop in an Android device, especially the broken displays, I have seen the also in some cases, to confirm this you should replace the display unit with a test working unit, if the phone works normally after replacing the display, then probably the restart problem may be due to damaged or wrongly assembled display.

Faulty Camera modules

There are very fewer chances of camera modules getting faulty but there is a chance of camera module failure, so if you are facing an automatic restart problem on Android or iOS phones, you are suggested to remove camera modules and check the smartphone.

Broken or faulty PCB/Sub PCBs

The broken PCB “printed circuit board” also can be a reason for an automatic restart problem, the faulty sub-PCBs are also caught sometimes as a reason for the restart problem in some phones.

Some Sub PCBs can be removed for testing purposes but the mainboard should be inspected deeply because it is the main part and can’t be skipped at any stage if you have some important data on the smartphone.

Damaged Faulty flat cables

The flexible flat cables are being used in almost all smartphones these days, mostly these cables are being used to connect the mainboard to sub PCB that contains a charging port, microphone & some components related to the network signals.

There is a chance that the flat cable goes damaged for any reason, so it is recommended to check your smartphone by disconnecting the flat cables.

Note: In some cases, the fingerprint sensor calibration may be lost if you disconnect the fingerprint sensor and power on the phone, as seen in Samsung A series phones. In this case, you need to recalibrate the sensor which is not possible without Samsung’s official service centers.

The good news is that the fingerprint sensor recalibration can be done by a factory reset but before this, you should make a complete backup of your phone using Samsung Smart Switch software.

Faulty PM IC

A faulty Power Management integrated circuit (PM IC) can also be the reason for a restart fault in an Android or iOS phone, this can be only confirmed by the professional technicians, if you are a mobile phone technician you can feel it by its heat, by checking power supplies of the PM IC.

Mostly the PM IC has 3 different power supply voltages, 1.8V, 2.8V & 3.5V. You should check the power supply shortage on the near capacitors, you can also confirm the PM IC shortage or fault by removing it and checking the supply lines after removing the power management IC.


Same as the above case the CPU (Central processing unit) and the internal storage chip EMMC (Embedded multimedia card) / UFS (Universal Flash Storage) can be also a reason for the boot loop/restart problem in a smartphone.

If are a skilled person and can manage to reball, replace the CPU EMMC (Embedded Multimedia Card). Sometimes the connections between these ICs and the main board went loose due to falls from height, liquid damage, etc.

Then rebelling may help sometimes, if the rebelling is failed then you have to replace the affected component to fix the problem.

Please write your experience and let me know if you have fixed the restart problem on your phone or still failed? Please also point out if you see any mistakes in this article to correct it.

I hope you have learned a lot from this article, please share its link in your social media groups to encourage my effort, Good Luck!

Thank You!

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